Self Care Evening at Bella Mia


Lets Celebrate You!

We started 2019 by taking some time to recharge and refresh our mind, body and wardrobe! Bella Mia’s first ever self care evening welcomed women in the community to participate alongside bella mia staff- who featured candlelit yoga, a detox smoothie demo, styling, and a mini photo shoot!

The focus of the evening was to encourage participants to celebrate themselves and care for their beautiful unique bodies inside and out.

Mind and Body:

Mckenzie H. (certified yoga instructor and bella mia employee) encouraged participants to slow down and take care of their minds with a slow flow yoga practice. She crafted the flow and music selection to last about 30 minutes with an emphasis on relaxation and mediation.

Health and wellness loving bella Emma D. whipped up a detox smoothie recipe which included ingredients beneficial to women’s health and especially tailored to benefit during the winter months. During the demo, a discussion about nutrition opened up conversations surrounding what a healthy diet actually looks like compared to fad diets and health buzzwords that seem to be changing on a daily basis.

Self Image:

Store owner Sarah’s styling station focused on creating outfits that spoke to each participant’s unique sense of style. She highlighted four of Springs biggest trends and showcased outfits surrounding those themes. Guests tried on the head to toe ensembles and experimented with shoes and accessories outside their typical comfort zone. After getting into an outfit one felt particularly confident it- guests were on to their photo shoot!


Local photographer Emily D. ( set up some playful and unique backdrops in the front of the store. Emily encouraged clients to be themselves, have fun and proudly hold her post-it note (and ice breaker activity where we wrote what we love about ourselves) She took both head-shots and outfit images that captured participants beauty and personality. Looking at oneself with appreciation and pride on film can encourage self confidence, self love and positivity!

Not only the idea behind the self-care night made it special, but being around empowered woman who boosted each other up and cherished what made each of use unique made this event so special for me
— Cate Lindstrom (participant)