about the girl

Introducing: Emma, Our Newest Bella!


Emma is twenty three years old and working on her last few classes to complete her major in Community Health and minor in Women and Gender studies. Emma is wholeheartedly dedicated to health education and your emotional well being (check out her wellness Instagram: Wellbeing with Emma D).

Passionate, Creative, Driven.. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing our newest Bella, Emma. We picked her brain this week and found out that this self-care queen is both a dedicated advocate for womens health and equality and all around kind-hearted spirit, making her an amazing asset to our team and us all!

Seeing people impact the lives of others in small but meaningful ways in the lives of others can make such a big difference in the longrun!

A longtime Bella Mia customer, when it comes to her personal style it is no surprise that she gravitates toward the casual bohemian. Free People, Billabong, and Articles of Society pieces top her wardrobe picks. When it comes to fashion, she’s drawn to the creative aspect of dressing herself and showing the world her current mood and inspiration.

I love how different and unique {Bella Mia’s} pieces are and how different and unique the Bellas are!

Her favorite quote "Do small things with great love" provides a road map for how she wants to live her life. Of the strong females that have come to light this past year, Emma has drawn much strength and vision from the ranks of Tarana Burkes, Christine Blasey, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We think Emma is living out her inspiration by making a difference in the local community and being her most genuine self (a Bella Mia core value!)

Three more fun facts about Miss Emma D. We thought you might like:

  1. She likes to listens to chill acoustic or electronic music.

2. Her dream pet is a mini Australian shepherd

3. Timothee Chalamet is her biggest celeb crush

Meet Ruby, The Human!


Ruby Hauser

Confident, classy, and kind. These are just three words we would use to describe, our newest Bella: Ruby! Ruby joined the team just a few weeks ago but has already found a home as a top stylist at Bella Mia and our go-to consultant at Dressed Up.


Her love for fashion is undeniable and she believes that it's the best way to express yourself. Watching people piece together an #ootd or pairing jewelry with their homecoming dress, Ruby is inspired by interpreting how women express themselves through their wardrobe. She would describe her personal style as feminine and Parisian chic (this 19 year old girl loves to travel) And while Paris will remain a standby favorite, Norway is next her travel bucket list. Once she finishes school for hospitality and tourism, she wants to open her own B&B in Scotland: How cool is that?! Until that day comes, Ruby spends her days with her new pup, Lilo, volunteering at the Huron Valley Humane Society, and going on local adventures to experience new cultures. 


Ruby has been shopping with Bella Mia for years now. She looks fondly on the times that she and her mom would come shopping together for her next outfit or dress. We have loved knowing Ruby as a loyal customer and are ecstatic to see her grow and become a part of the Bella family. So next time you're in Bella Mia and ask to see Ruby, you'll probably end up being greeted by Ruby. And while we might miss our little dachshund friend (also Ruby) working daily, we're also excited to have this human ray of sunshine on the Bella Mia team.