Welcome Sherri Hill

“When a woman smiles, her dress must smile with her.” - Sherri Hill

As a company we are so excited to officially announce that during this 2019 Prom Season we will be carrying Sherri Hill. If you haven’t heard about Ms. Hill let us give you the low down real quick. Sherri Hill is a formal wear brand that was created in 2008 with a mission of making all women feel gorgeous. By using immaculate fit and tailoring, Hill really wants to embrace the womanly figure no matter the waist size.

Sherri’s Signature Styles

With signature styles, innovative fabric choices, and bold colors; her dresses set themselves apart from any brand out there today.

Ms. Hill has a unique way of combining both modern and classic silhouettes with her show stopping dresses; ultimately bringing the runway to her clients prom night, gala, or any special event. Every woman should feel like a supermodel from the pages of her favorite magazine. Our company also strives to empower ALL women, therefore we feel that the brands we carry should reflect that sentiment as well. In carrying Sherri Hill, we will enable female empowerment and also make this Prom season our best yet! What style are you most excited to see this prom season? Comment below!

Where To Donate Your Prom Dress: Donating to Hope Closet

You've spent the past few months thinking about prom: what dress you're going to wear, what hairstyle will look best, and of course bringing it all together with shoes and jewelry! Now you went to prom, took countless photos, had a blast, and made memories you'll never forget. After an #epic prom night, you come home to slip off your dress, take off your makeup, and throw your accessories on that one chair. A few weeks past by and you're wondering: what do I do with my prom dress now?

Donate Your Prom Dress

The ultimate way to pass on your great prom experience, is to let someone else have an amazing experience just like you did! Hope Closet allows young women in the metro-Detroit area to attend high school dances feeling as confident and special as you did without financial limitations. Hope Closet hosts a one week "Prom Pop-Up Shop" run entirely on volunteers and donated items and dresses. 


How You Can Help

Donating is easy! First you need to decide what you want to donate; Hope Closet loves everything including your formal dress, formal shoes, accessories (including jewelry, purses, and wraps), and dress bags. After gathering your donation you have two options: mailing it or dropping it off at their donation center.


To mail your donation: package it and send it to the following address: 

Hope Closet
PO Box 530413
Livonia, MI 48153-0413

To drop off your donation: package it and drop it off at this location: 

Premier Locations, an agent of Mayflower
Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm.
45200 Grand River Avenue
Novi, MI 48335

If you need a receipt for your donation, please include a prestamped self addressed envelope with your donation. Also, when donating at Premier Locations give them a shout out for volunteering a free place to store the dresses!


Hope Closet's ultimate goal is to offset financial costs to local families and provide role models for young women who later want the same opportunity to pay it forward with their volunteerism. For more information on Hope Closet, their volunteer program, and next pop up shoppe visit