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When your body begs for bath bombs, but your clock says there’s no way, reach for a KIND Natural Shower Steamer. The aromatherapy transports you to a world with no deadlines, calorie-free cupcakes, and a laundry fairy. Not really. But they are fabulous nonetheless!

*Therapeutic essential oil shower steam treatment

*Place steamer on your shower floor (away from the drain)

*Dissolving steamers release pure, plant-based bliss NOTE: product is very fragrant & perishable and should be stored in an airtight container!

Wake–Grapefruit & Spearmint

Breathe–Eucalyptus, Peppermint & more + Menthol

Sleep–Vanilla, Chamomile & Lavender

Healthy-Wintergreen, Pine & Camphor

Happy–Tangerine & Lemon


Focus–Grapefruit, Bergamot, Basil & Lemon

Energy–Lemongrass, Mandarin, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang & Juniper

HANDMADE with only: citric acid, baking soda, essential & natural plant-based fragrance oils
Made in United States of America

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