Bella Mia is Italian for "My beauty"- which is something my great grandmother used to say with affection to my mother whenever she saw her in an especially beautiful outfit. This phrase evokes a feeling of pride and happiness in my mom and I to this day. We truly believe that wearing clothing you love can bring about joy. Together we opened 'Bella Mia' boutique (est. 2003) hoping to share this feeling with others. We fill our shop with both people and products that have heart. We invite you to come in and connect with our genuine staff at either of our two downtown Plymouth, MI locations: 448 Forest Ave. at 'Bella Mia' for everyday wardrobe essentials with a bohemian edge or 853 W. Ann Arbor Trail at "Dressed Up' where you'll find a dress for every occasion (prom, gala, cocktail). Both our shops as well as our online store feature jewelry, accessories and apparel that aim to provide a one stop shop to outfit happiness.



We guarantee that our inspiring assortment and positive environment will leave you feeling confident and empowered. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone you love, we promise to be relatable and engaging. Simply put- you will feel like you are shopping in your best friend’s closet!


Sarah Stobbe Shmyr